What is it

Forged by Australian Navy Clearance Divers to prepare you for the demanding diving selection test.

It’s a progressive 8-week training program based on real world experiences and has been tested extensively. It’s proven it’s effectiveness dozens of times, exposing you to certain tasks as finning, pack marching and trials that you may face in the diving selection test. It will vastly increase your physical and mental toughness. Following the Navy Diver Prep will give you an huge advantage over anyone without this unique training program.

Gone are the days of training without direction to achieve your mission.

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We focus on building strength endurance while teaching you to recover smarter and reduce injuries. You will gain physical and mental toughness, this will carry over to any sport or combat role. 

Who is it for?

The Navy Diver Prep is primarily designed to prepare you for the Clearance Diving acceptance test. However we also attract - 

  • The uncommon athlete wanting to experience military style training
  • Current serving defence members wanting to improve their baseline fitness

To be successful at NDP you should be able to complete our . . .

Frogman Project

Baseline Requirements 

  • 2.4km run in less than 12 minutes
  • 30 x sit ups perfect form
  • 8 x strict pull ups perfect form
  • 25 x push ups perfect form
  • 8 x dips at body weight
  • Water experience
  • Have previous training experience
  • Done pack march or willing to learn
  • In good health and able to perform functional movements correctly and injury free

If you are looking for a training program designed for the tactical athlete we recommend joining the Tactical Fitness League. Our weekly training program with 3 tiers cater's for all levels, designed to build a solid foundation and well rounded athlete ready to combat any task.

The Navy Diver Prep program was nothing short of a great, well designed, and challenging program. It helped me improve on my tactical and bodyweight fitness for my job. On top of that, with this program I achieved personal bests on my 2.4km run, cadence pull-up test, and 500m freestyle time. The Navy Diver Prep program would definitely serve justice in fitness for those working in the military, or crossfire enthusiasts looking for a tactical element in their training routine.
— Tere (NDP to Tactical Fitness League member)

Navy Diver Prep


Frogman Project NDP
The Frogman Project has tested my body and mind to the limits! Ben knows exactly what training I need to achieve the best possible chance at selection. The transformation in my physical and mental conditioning has been incredible!
— Ryan (Able Seaman, Marine technician, Royal Australian Navy)