Your commitment to joining the Frogman Project grants access to our team of coaches and community unlocking a wealth of individual education and specialised training. We build our athletes up focusing on a solid foundation before progressing them through our tiered levels. All of our training programs include not only a daily training session but education and resources around health, self maintenance, mental toughness and military specific skills to

"build the ultimate teammate."


Tactical Fitness League

Frogman Project's Tactical Fitness League is your ongoing weekly training program. Custom built for you using decades of operational and physical performance experience. 

The versatility of our program is second to none. To ensure constant improvement we have 3 tiers - Recruit, Graduate and Operator. 

Navy Diver Prep

A progressive 8-week training program to prepare you for the demanding Clearance diving selection test. 

We focus on building strength endurance while teaching you to recover smarter and reduce injuries. You will gain physical and mental toughness that will carry over to any sport or combat role. 

The Navy Diver Prep program was nothing short of a great, well designed, and challenging program. It helped me improve on my tactical and bodyweight fitness for my job. On top of that, I achieved personal bests on my 2.4km run, cadence pull-up test, and 500m freestyle time. The Navy Diver Prep program would definitely serve justice for those working in the military, or crossfire enthusiasts looking for a tactical element in their training routine.
— Tere (Navy Diver Prep to Tactical Fitness League Member)